Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Happy day!

So I had the most amazing day!

Wasn't off to a great start... Made the mistake of texting my friend in America quite late last night, we ended up talking for a long time, hardly got any sleep... It was good, cleared a lot up, but meant I went to work having only had about 4 hours sleep.

Things got better once I got to work. My boss made me the most awesome cup of coffee ever - strong, black, very sweet, perfect. That helped lots. Then we exchanges stories of drunken escapades for a while, which is always fun, although sadly hers were a lot more impressive than mine...

Then she ordered me to do some colouring in. I can hardly believe myself that I'm not making this up. I spent an hour (on and off, I did occasionally serve customers too....) colouring in a butterfly and some other insects. It was awesome! In theory I was doing it to entertain the children, but there weren't many children around this morning... But she told me to keep colouring anyway! I must admit, I was actually weirdly proud by the final outcome.

Lunch was amazing. Went to one of my favourites cafes. I recently found a really really old loyalty card from them - the guy was so surprised, he gave me three extra stamps to fill up the card - free drink for me next time I go there! Sat in the awesome comfy chair, drinking an awesome Skittles milkshake (I know it shouldn't work, but it really does), reading the new Hitchhiker's book. I love Douglas Adams, I loved everything he ever wrote (and I have actually read pretty much all of it), and for a long time I couldn't bring myself to read it, couldn't believe it would work. But now it's come out in paperback and my curiousity has got the better of me. It's not perfect, there are little things that grate, but in general I do actually really like it. Mostly Harmless did end at a fairly rubbish point, I'm hoping this might provide some closure.... We shall see.

Afternoon was good too. Several customers came in with some fairly awkward requests, and I managed to find them all something suitable. They were all thrilled. I love it when that happened! And one of my colleages happened to make a random comment about how well I was fitting in, that made me feel so good. I worry a lot, even more with everything going on right now, but then even the smallest amount of praise does so much to reassure me, boost my confidence.

So yeah, feeling pretty good right now. No idea how long it will last, but I'm definitely going to enjoy it while I can!

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