Monday, 21 June 2010

Generic subject

I'm really bad at picking subjects, I basically want to use the same three over and over again depending on my mood. Oh well, whatever.

I was reflecting earlier on how the only time I have to blog is when I'm not doing something more interesting. And as I'm not doing anything interesting, I don't know what to say. I know the point is probably to talk about what I have been doing, but my memory is really bad at the moment (another fun side-effect of the stupid pills....) so that doesn't help too much.

Last week I went back to Cambridge to visit some university friends, that was awesome :D At first I was a bit up and down, paranoid that I was going to freak out and ruin everything, but after a while I managed to relax and actually have a lot of fun. Shame I couldn't stay for longer, there were a lot more people I would have liked to have seen. Now they're all going to graduate and scatter all over the country, will be harder to stay in touch. This is where I find out who were the true friends, I guess.

Then on Sunday I had my last training session before the big cycle ride next weekend. It actually went pretty well which is exciting, but I'm still terrified. I think it will be OK now. Weirdly, one of my main problems on the training rides is that I just get really bored. Would love to listen to my iPod, but rely too much on my hearing to tell where cars are. But the atmosphere is different on the charity rides, everyone cheers each other along, so hopefully boredom won't be an issue. I don't like being stuck in my own head for long periods of time.

Today was really bizarre. First day off for ages where I haven't had anything planned. Tidied my room, long overdue. Sorted out other things I've been putting off for weeks. Then I got this text from my friend in America asking me to call his mum and calm her down as they'd had some kind of argument. Still don't understand the details, all I know is that it was somehow related to his finances... Anyway, I called her up, and she was really sweet, and we actually talked for ages. It was kind of strange, I've spoken to her loads of times, but never about anything... substantial. It was kind of nice. I'm going over to see her on Wednesday, that should be nice. I think she's finding this all difficult to cope with as well, I'm hoping we might be able to help each other. And then I had a long feedback conversation via text with my friend. He talked a lot more openly than he has for a long long time, I do now kind of see why he's doing all this. And I feel a little bad for all the crap I've given him about it - it's not just some idiotic selfish impulse, it really is something he needs to do. I just hope it doesn't totally break me in the process...

So glad I'm working tomorrow. I'd probably go insane if I had another day off, I really don't know what to do with them!

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