Thursday, 26 August 2010

Still shaky

I had another big down last night. Couldn't figure out why. Tried to write a blog post a few times and just couldn't figure out what I wanted to write. I wasn't upset about anything, there was just a residual sadness.

I think I figured out today what it was. I suspect that it is my brain re-adjusting to life without weekly therapy. In which case, I guess I passed, because nothing too dramatic happened, I just felt kinda down for a while. I didn't freak out, I didn't let it get worse, I just waited it out. I think that's an improvement.

Then today I got a haircut! It's quite a dramatic change by my standards, but I really like it. And everyone else tells me they really like it. For some reason my stylist thought it would be fun to dump a load of hair in my left eye, which I don't remember agreeing to, but it does look good and I'm sure I'll get used to only seeing out of one eye!

Might post pictures at some point, lazy now.

But I am kind of sad because one of my work colleagues is leaving. She is awesome and made me feel so so welcome when I started. And she's totally insane but so much fun. I will miss her lots. Keep having to give out application forms to people wanting to fill her position. Not seen anyone who's a scratch on her yet.

But then work was good, because I spent most of the afternoon creating a sign promoting our sale. I covered it in sequins and had lots of fun! Several customers praised my artistic ability! The sale is going to be a nightmare though, the price changes are totally random and make no sense and nothing is priced correctly and so many customers are going to bitch at me about it. Oh well. At least the ones who do get a surprise saving will love me.

Also, it's less than four days until my friend gets back from America after his crazy three month trip! Super excited about that!

I think that's all for now. Apparently I'm incapable of coherent thought today but have lots of thought fragments. Oh well.

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