Thursday, 19 August 2010

Taking stock

So it's only 12.20pm, and there have already been two things today that have made me look back at the last seven months and smile.

The first was my doctor appointment. I told her how much better I have been recently and how much the counselling is helping. She told me that she wants to keep me on 40mg for now, which makes sense, but if all goes well I should go down to 20mg next month, and then hopefully be off anti-depressants entirely by the New Year! That gave me a very big boost. It seems amazing when I look back at how bad things seemed back in January, and how things have changed so much in what is really a very small space of time.

Then I got a phone call from the Time to Get Moving Campain lady. I told her my story, when I was diagnosed, how I felt like I couldn't cope, and what a boost I got from my cycling. It was really nice to look back on that, and she seemed interested in my story. I really like the TTGM Campaign. While I think Time to Change is very important, I have never been able to connect with it very easily. I looked into being a media volunteer for them, but they only really seem interested in stories on how people have faced stigma, and I haven't really had that problem too much. But I am an expert on how beneficial exercise can be! I really hope I can inspire others to get involved. Might even start going out on my bike again, it's been a while now!

Yesterday I was reading through some early blog posts in preparation for my chat with the TTGM lady, to see what frame of mind I was in back then. I was quite surprised how much I have improved since then.

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