Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I made a friend!

Because of my work schedule and train schedule, I always have half an hour to kill before my counselling session. Today, I found a very fun way to pass the time befriending a very cute cat. It was incredibly affectionate and leapt onto my lap the second I sat down on a brick wall nearby. I spent a long time with this cat. I got a lot of strange looks. I don't care!

Kitty posing on my lap

Kitty and me sharing a cuddle

Actually, I made another friend at work today as well. There's a regular customer who has known my manager for about six years now. Her and her husband come in fairly frequently with her 11 month old daughter, who is gorgeous. I always have a chat with the three of them, but today the little girl was in a particularly affectionate mood. She crawled over to me demanding a cuddle, and then I got several kisses as well, it was very exciting! (And the couple also spent quite a lot of money, so everyone was happy.)

In other news, the counselling went really well and I'm going to start having sessions less frequently to see how I cope on my own. I've also offered to be a media volunteer for the Time To Get Moving Campaign, which I'm really excited about! They're calling me tomorrow so I can tell them all about my charity cycle ride and how helpful exercise is for people with depression. Not sure what I'm going to say, but I hope it will be inspiring!

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