Thursday, 2 September 2010


So I am not good at beauty rituals. When I was growing up, I was a tomboy. My best friend was a boy, my mum wasn't particularly feminine and I had no sisters. I have always refused to buy glossy mags because they are insanely expensive and mostly incredibly dull.

I didn't wear make-up at all until I was 18, didn't do it well until I was 21, and still don't bother with it half the time. I am still incapable of doing anything nice with my hair. My fashion sense is shaky at best.

I can live with all of this. But tonight, I made the mistake of attempting my most despised beauty ritual. Plucking my eyebrows. I hate it.

I always start with my left eye. I can get that into a semi-acceptable shape without too much trouble. But then I move onto the right. I find that harder, but can eventually get that into an OK shape too. But then they don't match. The left eye is always long and flat; the right shorter and more curver. I start trying to make the left one look more like the right one, but inevitably overpluck and end up with a bald patch.

The worst thing is this happens EVERY TIME. You'd think I'd learn, but apparently not. I've considered going to a professional, but I dread to think what they'd think of my own efforts!

On the bright side, my eyebrows are fairly pale and don't grow too quickly, so I only infict this on myself two or three times a year. This might be enough to last me until January.....!

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  1. I have a similarly shaky grasp on "fashion" as it applies to me. I didn't start wearing make-up regularly until my 30s and I love it now and look back on my days without it with absolute wonder. My eyebrows are a wreck most of the time, still, though. They grow fast and are curly, which is the worst. :( And who has time to go in and have someone do them regularly? Or the money for that matter.