Saturday, 11 September 2010

People are weird

So I had an amazing couple of days. Went up to Chester to visit my cousin and his family. They have a 4 month old boy and girl who I think is nearly 3 years old now. They are both so gorgeous and I had so much fun! I've visited Florrie a few times and she is always lovely, and now she's so bouncy and bubbly and has an amazing imagination. It was my first time meeting Barney, and he is also very sweet. He's always really cheerful and has an adorable laugh! I spent a long time giving him cuddles!

And we went to the toy shop and Florrie loved it and my staff discount got thoroughly abused and it was awesome! The branch there is about four times bigger than the one I work for, so I had quite a lot of fun looking around too.

I'd also like to give a special mention to the place I stayed, . Which brings me to the subject of this post. I loved this inn. It was very good value for money, my room was huge and full of character, the bathroom was bright and modern, the staff were consistently polite and professional and attentive. The complimentary Continental buffet breakfast was amazing. I cannot praise this place highly enough.

And yet, ALL the other guests seemed to find something to moan about. One guy managed to flood his room because he doesn't understand shower curtains, and this is clearly the hotel's fault. He also complained that the shower didn't come with instructions. It was a fairly standard shower. He also failed to understand the toaster and the coffee machine. I started to wonder how he remembered to breathe.

Another was complaining because they had decided they only wanted to stay for six nights, not five, and the restaurant staff couldn't refund her the night she wasn't using. Sadly it got referred to the hotel manager and I have no idea what the final result was. I hope she didn't get her money back. The hotel has a clear enough cancellation policy, they can't just bend to your random whims.

I could go on, but I'm bored of wasting my energy on these miserable idiots. I stayed there to have a nice trip, apparently they stayed there just to find things to moan about. I just don't understand this mindset.

Time to go leave a good review on Trip Advisor!

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