Tuesday, 27 July 2010

One small step...

So I had my first counselling session today. It was mostly just an overview session, so for me it was just the same story, explaining why I think I've ended up here, a story I've already told over and over again to various friends, doctors, counsellors... Irritating, but had to be done. (Which reminds me, I've neve actually talked about that stuff here. It does get a little repetitive after a while. Maybe I'll feel like explaining it one day).

But it was still a useful session. I got on with her really well, she was so easy to talk to. And very reassuring, she spent a lot of time explaining everything, which I really liked. It's the first time any professional has ever really tried to explain to me why I'm like this, rather than just trying to supress it with meds or whatever. I found it so reassuring to be told what's actually happening to me. I also have a fleeting interest in psychology, so it was interesting in that respect.

She also explained what happens next. She says it's possible to be healthy in six weeks. I nearly fell off the chair when she said that, I had no idea it could be so quick! But it's quite a relief, as the sessions are quite expensive..... I do now remember when my GP referred me to her she said that this woman is a miracle worker. Fingers crossed!

In other news, work was pretty awesome. I made quite a few good sales while my manager was watching, and an amazing sale while the area manager was there! Really exciting! They were both very happy with me. And in my spare time I made a lion puppet out of a paper bag! Just like the one in this picture (except mine was cuter, of course!


  1. I guess getting on with your counsellor makes all the difference. I had a few sessions once but found my counsellor rather difficult to talk to; she was constantly interrupting and wanting me to "explain what you mean by that" and in the end I gave up.

    Take care and lots of luck with it,
    CJ xx

  2. I have had a number of people warn me it can take a few tries, you won't always click with your first counsellor. I guess I got lucky! It is vitally important you find someone you can talk to. She didn't interrupt me once and I felt free to say whatever I wanted, even if it wasn't obviously relevant. They all do the "explain what you mean" thing, unfortunately that's part of the process. The little subtleties in how we express ourselves can give huge clues to the underlying causes and problems. The trick is to find someone capable of doing it in a non-patronising way.

    Thank you for your kind words. xx

  3. I glad you connected with your new conselor...it makes the journey much easier. :)