Monday, 26 July 2010

I'm home

I had such an amazing time! I felt so chilled out and relaxed actually properly happy. It was a nice change! I think I should do this holiday thing more often...

(Admittedly I had the occasional wobble, but I was better able to cope with them before it became a big deal and disrupted the holiday for everyone else. That was nice.)

Didn't take many photos, but got a couple of nice ones to cover my three favourite things.

Firstly, the pool. We spent a lot of time at this pool. I loved it so much, I could just lay there not thinking, not doing anything, just relaxing, for hours. I also love swimming, always have done, I was probably the only person there who actually attempted some serious swimming. Although also had a lot of fun playing bat and ball games with my boyfriend!

Secondly, the kitten. This kitten was a big part of the trip! He had been abandoned outside a local bar and the owner took him in when he was only one week old and nursed him back to health. Now he's three weeks old, still tiny but doing very well, and incredibly friendly and affectionate and curious. He gots lots of cuddles :)

And last, but by no means least, the cocktails. We had a lot of these cocktails. (Well, only one or two a day, but considering my medication that was more than enough for me to end up wobbling slightly!). Between us we must have had about seven different ones, all amazing. This was our favourite, the House Special. Rum, more rum, orange juice, lemon juice and a sparkler! They were our first drink of the week, and the last. A very good end to a very good week!

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  1. Looks like you had a great relaxing time...we all need that from time to time! Now its back to the real world!