Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I found out nearly two hours ago, and I've been bouncing off the walls ever since :D I'm so excited! I've been looking for a job for nearly a year now, and although I've done plenty of temp work, I've found it impossible to find anything permanent. I was seriously beginning to feel unemployable. But now I have a job, I start Friday, and I'm so excited! :D

The job is at Early Learning Centre. I went to an assessment event last night - I felt it went fairly well, but wasn't really sure how to feel. I was stunned when I got the phone call! It still doesn't feel real. It feels like this huge huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Finally, I have something permanent, I know where my next pay cheque is coming from, I can start doing all the things I've wanted to do for so long - start thinking about buying a car, maybe booking a holiday with my boyfriend, hopefully even one day moving out. Obviously this is all a long way off, the job isn't hugely well paid yet, but I'm hoping in time it will go up, and they might offer me more hours too. And at least I'm finally making a step in the right direction!

In other news, side effects from my higher dose of medication haven't been as bad as I expected. My appetite is smaller than it was, but it's not like last time where I just had no interest in food at all for over a week. So generally, everything is going pretty well!


  1. Hi Claire, I can feel your excitement. I remember those interviews well and how nerve racking they were for me. Congratulations, I'm so happy for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Thanks Denise! It does feel so fantastic, after spending such a long time filling in stupid forms and going to so many interviews and getting so many rejections.... It feels great to think I won't have to do that again for a while!

  3. Congrats. I hope it went well today.


  4. congrats on the new job! :) keep up the good work!

    The Kissters